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Anti-ageing checklist for a youthful appearance

In contrast to our personal desire to stay young forever, re ality looks a little different. But no need to worry – with the help of a few lifehacks, anti - aging can be easily integrated into our daily routine.

Good anti-aging habits

For early skin aging, anti - aging cream s or serum s help a lot, but you can do more: It’s about changing our attitude to life. Because is it not paradoxical that we're livin g longer but always want to look younger? While in our mid - 20s, our cell renewal is at its absolute peak and almost works on its own, as the years go by it slows down and the effort to promote it increases. The sooner we accept this fact and change our hab its for the better, anti - aging almost becomes a matter of course.


Our Diadermine anti-aging checklist

It isn’t that complicated to live a life that promotes anti - aging - it’s just a question of lifestyle. U se your energy to establish good habits. Here ar e a few rules of thumb to bear in mind:


No sunscreen? No way!

Though it may sound trivial, this is indispensable for vibrant skin: Don’t forget to apply a day cream that includes sunscreen, even on cloudy days. This way you can effectively and naturally de lay your skin’s aging process. If your anti - aging cream has SPF, you’re really on the right path to an anti - aging lifestyle.


Fruit and vegetables? Yes please!

Not only do our bodies need vitamins and minerals, but they’re essential for our skin’s natural anti - aging effects. Good nutrition visibly affects your skin. Although there are no anti - aging foods that specifically delay the skin’s aging process, eating a balanced and varied diet lays the foundation for a youthful appearance for many years to come.


Smoke? No thanks!

Not only is smoking deadly, it makes you look really old because daily smoking causes many additional wrinkles, especially around the mouth. In addition, smoke dries the skin out more and slows down blood circulation. No anti - aging cream or serum can counter that.






Alcohol? In moderation!

A little glass every now and again doesn’t hurt. Feel free to drink alcohol from time to time - but be conscious of your consumption because excessive alcohol consumption weakens the skin’s connective tis sue, causing it to lose elasticity and tautness. Alcohol also dehydrates your skin and robs it of important nutrients. This promotes the formation of wrinkles that can cancel out anti - aging effects.


Stress? Take it easy!

Frequent exposure to mental stress is not only harmful to your health, but accelerates the aging process. A high stress level promotes the release of the hormone cortisol, which causes wrinkles, crow's feet, and bags under the eyes. Look for a physical and mental activity that promotes ant i - aging such as yoga.


Not enough sleep? Well then, good night!

Those who sleep enough profit from beauty sleep in the truest sense of the word. While we roam the land of dreams, our body releases a growth hormone that is responsible for cell regeneration. This counteracts pale dry skin and rings under the eyes, anti - aging effects that are as close to effortless as you can get.


The secret to staying young? Exercise!

People who exercise on a regular basis don’t only have benefits like weight - loss and muscle definition – they also stay young! Studies discovered that people who do regular workouts have a better chance of living longer , having more energy and are happier overall . Moreover your f ace will benefit from sweat sessions and will stay radiant! Ready t o get started?

Our Diadermine anti-aging tip:





We maintain that: A healthy lifestyle makes a significant contribution to keeping our skin young and vibrant in the long run. An anti - aging cream and serum such as Diadermine Lift+ Serum will help you look ing younger than your years. Th ese effects can be maintained by the anti - aging lifehacks mentioned above. It’s also true that being happy rather than sad affects your appearance: laughing promotes anti - aging and gives our skin a wonderful glow.