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Anti-aging face yoga: A workout for the face.

We strive for satis faction. In order to feel good in our own skin we are caught in some act of self - optimization. We see ourselves as „work in progress“ that is never finished : with workout plans, diet diaries and fitness trackers. Whether it's your pulse, steps or sleep – everything is recorded in minute detail. It's somewhere between a technical step forward and a personal step back.

The face: our window to the world

In a matter of fact our face is the body part that gives us the most information about an individual's personality. Fortunately, a fresh and zestful radiance is not a matter of chance. Targeted anti - ageing training of the facial muscles over a pro longed period of time can help, for example, to prevent bags under the eyes, reduce expressive lines, and achieve anti - ageing effects.

Face yoga has already reached the midst of society. Practiced as a way to delay the visible ageing process of our skin. Botox, face - lifts and overpriced luxury creams are not needed – instead we sh ould rather relinquish a bit of control and rediscover the child within us. Enjoyment in the mischief, in the break from being an adult. Finally, we can get away from the desire to control everything and back to simply letting life unfold. And if we are able to have fun and to tighten up a few wrinkles with a workout for the face, then why wouldn't we? Face yoga makes you happy!

Face yoga: The four best anti-ageing exercises

In order to train the various different areas of our facial muscles, Japanese pioneer Fumiko Takatsu has developed numerous different workouts for face yoga . We have narrowed these down to the most effective four anti - ageing exercises:

Our Diadermine anti-aging tip

Hand on heart: Incorporating the face yoga method into your everyday life tak es some effort at first. Later though, when you start to receive compliments about how radiant and youthful your skin looks, you will see the effort has been worthwhile.

Having no time is no excuse. Our excercises for anti aging easily fit into our everyday lives - even if it is full of activities which keep us occupied. Whilst in the shower, when making our morning coffee or when watching TV in the evening: There's always some time for a few minutes face yoga.

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