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Young looking skin - at every age

It feels like only yesterday that we could dance the night away and still be fully functional the next day. Luckily, of course, you can still be fit and powerful beyond the age of 20. And what goes for our body naturally also goes for our skin. Provided we observe proper skin care and use the appropriate skincare products. If we provide the right skin care and use the best fitting skin care products our skin can stay as young as we do.

It’s never too early to keep your skin young.

Firmer, smoother and yo unger: We often feel as if our skin would be racing against time. We can however get young skin easily and stress - free by starting proper care and using the right young skincare products at an early stage. The rule here is that prevention is better than cu re. Preventing young skin from looking older is a lot easier and more effective than making older skin look young again.

Skincare from age 20 onwards: Young as the morning


Fresh, rosy and shimmering skin despite everyday stress and party nights? No prob lem for skin in its twenties. However, you should already be starting with the right skincare to prevent wrinkles and the effects of ageing and to preserve your young skin for a long time to come. Even as early as your mid - 20s, young skin begins to produce less moisture and the epidermis loses suppleness and glow. In addition, it is prone to developing its first UV - related wrinkles. This is why a day cream and make - up with a light SPF are essential for skincare.


And what else is important for young skincar e products? Thorough cleansing of the face in the morning and in the evening as well as a weekly cleansing facial mask ensure a fresh complexion and young skin

Skincare from age 30 onwards: Youth is not a product of chance


Many women find that they deve lop a completely new self - confidence at the age 30. But more than that, a completely new routine develops when it comes to skincare products: the regenerative capacity of younger skin is reduced in the thirties, and it loses its strength and elasticity. Th erefore, use a skincare for your face that provides a moisturising boost. These can be found in the form of skincare products that contain hyaluronic acid. By the way – you should pay attention to your overall skincare, not just your face but also your eye s, neck and cleavage. Wrinkles develop faster in these areas, as the skin is particularly thin. But with ingredients such as niacinimide and peptides you are well prepared with the skincare’s secret anti - aging weapons.

Skincare from age 40 onwards: The best ways to fight wrinkles


While in the thirties, beauty sleep deserves its name: Fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced overnight. The skin can regenerate overnight through sleep. From the age of 40 they are often still visible the next day. This is beca use the hyalurone content in the skin decreases, so not enough moisture can be stored.

The skin becomes drier, wrinkles become more visible and your complexion often looks pale and ashen. To counter a pale complexion, skincare such as a weekly fruit acid peeling is recommended; it removes dead skin particles and ensures a fresh - rosy complexion. For young skin on the face, a rich skincare using creams and serums is suitable. For night - time, we recommend a moisturiser with peptides, as these encourage revita lisation during skincare.

Skincare from age 50 onwards: You can count on this


In the fifties, estrogen levels are much lower than those of younger skin, and the sebaceous glands reduce natural fat production as a result. In addition, the skin becomes mo re sensitive and its natural resistance decreases. The answer to these challenges does cannot be found at the beauty doc or from Botox injections, but with the right skincare products: For example, there are special creams that act against pigmentation mar ks or age spots and cause them to fade. A weekly mask enriched with Rejuvinol and Argan Oil can redensify and regenerate the skin . Particularly effective active ingredient s for young skin are retinol, peptides and Quassia extract, which have been proven to be the most effective agent s against wrinkles. They are skincare actives that stimulate collagen pr oduction and smooth the upper skin layer.

Our Diadermine tip for young skin:

Every age poses its own special challenges – in work, in love and also in skincare. However, using the right skincare products, keeping a big smile and maintaining a positive outlook on all have a positive effect on young skin.

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