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The right skin care through the seasons

Spring, summer, autumn and winter: Just like in nature, our skin experiences the rhythm of the seasons. And just like in nature, it has to adapt to the seasonal changes. Exposure to sunlight, temperature and humidity are the factors that influence our skin the most – and must be taken into consideration in our skin - care routines. We will explain what is important in seasonal skin care and give some useful tips to keep your skin healthy throughout all the seasons.

The right skin care in spring

It is not just nature that comes back to life after the wint er. In us the feeling of spring takes hold, our metabolism increases and we become more active. Our skin also prepares for the new season and needs a different kind of care. But after the dark winter months our skin is sensitive and very dry. Mild, pH - neut ral skin - care products are generally recommended. Likewise creams with a high moisture content and less oil. Dry skin types can use oily skin - care products as usual.

Our 3 Diadermine skin-care tips for spring

The right skin care in summer

More sun, more heat, more moisture – and less product: In sum mer your skin care should be adapted to suit the warmer season. Increased temperatures and humidity make us sweat more. Our skin becomes more oily and tends to develop blemishes. The special feature of skin care in summer is UV protection and anti - ageing products with a light texture . Basically, the lighter your skin type, the higher the sun protection factor (SPF). Generally the SPF should be at least 20. This prevents unwanted pigmentation such as age spots, but also sunburn, which causes the skin to peel.

Our 3 Diadermine skin-care tips for summer

Right skin care in autumn

Between cold and wet and sunny and warm: In autumn the weather is very varied – and particularly demanding for the skin. But it is not just the temperature changes, wind and rain that put a strain on the skin. It is also affected when we start using our heating. Reinforcement, nourishment and protection are now the watch words for good skin care in autumn. Now is the time for rege nerative peels, moisturising masks and intensive treatments. Basically the skin now needs care products with a lower SPF, and instead more oily ingredients, depending on the skin type. Aloe vera or cosmetics with marine ingredients (algae, minerals, clay m ud) help. Important: Change your skin care slowly – switching too quickly can lead to skin blemishes.

Our 3 Diadermine skin-care tips for autumn

The right skin care in winter

Biting co ld outside, warm heating inside. Winter is a season of extremes, which all skin types have to cope with. The skin metabolism shuts down, which weakens the blood flow. The skin is supplied with less oxygen and nutrients and cell renewal is slower. The resu lt: Dryness, a feeling of tightness and itching. The skin loses radiance and looks pale. At the same time, the natural protective film, made up of sweat and sebum, is weakened. The lower the temperatures, the less sebum the skin produces and the thinner t he protective film becomes. With the right skin care, the skin also feels healthy and supple in winter. As a rule, skin care products with a high oil content should be used.

Our 3 Diadermine skin-care tips for winter