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Massage for the face and soul

Every day of our lives is a series of challenges and accomplishments. And while we work through our to - do - list and rush from one day to the next, sometimes it’s easy to forget our biggest responsibility: ourselves.

Tight skin doesn’t need a tight schedule


You don’t need a special occasion to give yourself a gift. Even if it’s not Christmas or your birthday, you deserve a treat once in a while. With a little me - time and a spoon. A spoon? You read that right! A DIY spoon massage , not only results in a firmi ng effect , but also stimulates blood circulation, preventing premature aging of the skin. If you think you have to go to a professional to get beauty treatments, you couldn’t be more wrong. This treatment can be easily done at home.

Knock for Gua Sha treatment


These days, nearly anything can be used as an anti - aging treatment: with spoon massage , results should already be visible after the first ten treatments. Chinese Gua Sha treatment with a porcelain spoon used to cause subdermal bleeding because of the marks on the surface of the skin, but today it is much gentler. Percussive massage is not only less painful, but also just as effective. As a daily preparation for your health and beauty routine, it ensures that lymph flows faster and the facial muscles a re strengthened, naturally achieving a visible tightening of the skin through massage .

Skin tightening with a DIY massage technique


Step 1:

After thoroughly cleansing your face, apply your night cream as usual.

Step 2:

Prepare the massage using a tables poon and turn it vertically while keeping it parallel to the nose, then tap gently from the centre of your face up and down. Ensure that the pressure is hard and even.


Step 3:

Perform this massage therapy on all sections of your face up to ten times: from forehead to chin. Don’t let red blotches concern you: this is normal and will disappear after ten minutes or so.

Our Diadermine skin-tightening tip:

Depending on the skin type and season, our faces can ask a lot of our skin care regime. When it comes to a nti - aging, the massage technique , that incorporates skincare is almost as important as the products. For this reason, products such as Diadermine LIFF + Day Cream and Night Treatment are recommended, which should not be massaged into the skin, but dabbed o n gently: one massage , always from the outside inwards. In this way, the active ingredients can penetrate even deeper into the tissue of the skin and you can look forward to firm skin thanks to its natural lifting effects.